My new green screen

I just got a green screen and set it up. I did some basic editing and here is a video of my results. I was amazed how well it worked despite the creases (I am not capble of being trusted with an iron). I even wore a shirt with green in it so I had[…]

Metamini WIP

I have been working towards getting Metamini completed thanks to some encouragement from people who want me to give them a version they can download! I had been really stuck about how to “finish” the game since I didn’t want death to mean you had to restart on all the multipliers you have built up.[…]

Time to measure available on the app store!

I made this cool little game when I visited Questacon (a science museum in Canberra) and became intrigued by how the brain is good at estimating but bad at being accurate. These games are designed to test your ability to measure time. It has gamecentre leaderboards to see how you compare to the general population.[…]